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Not the weather event, but the first main-line steam locomotive built in Britain for 48 years!


For more information on this incredible project, have a look at the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s website.

In this recording, No. 60163 Tornado bursts out of Kennaway Tunnel onto the sea wall at Dawlish, whistling to the spectators who have gathered to watch it pass by. The sound of the engine fades into the distance, but the whistle can be heard across the water until the train rounds the curve at Langstone Rock and heads inland up the River Exe.

The recording was made from a breakwater which juts out into the bay about 100 yards from the sea wall, using an Audio-Technica AT825 stereo microphone (in a Rycote windshield – the wind is always blowing out there!) and a Tascam HD-P2 recorder.


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